Alyson Green

Veterinary Assistant

Alyson joined our team in May, 2014. She began as a receptionist has since trained to become a technician. We can always count on Alyson to provide an upbeat and excited attitude which is definitely contagious to everyone. She LOVES Corgis and we know when a Corgi has entered the clinic when we hear her signature “Corgi Squeal”!

She spends her spare time competing with her dressage horse, Riannon. Along with Riannon is her old show horse Nikola and the cutest mini ever, Kokimo, who is only along for the joyous fun of being a yard ornament.

She and her husband also enjoy spending time with their two Corgis (Baxter and Lola) and with Bruticus, one of the most comical and sweetest Staffordshire Terriers (Staffie for short) you’ll ever meet! On their off time they try to travel all over the world, and so far have gone from the Bahamas to parts of Mexico.

Favorite Quote: “Go Big or Go Home!!”