Candy Sherwin

Practice Manager

Candy graduated from University of Wyoming in 1991 with a degree in Secondary English Education after several employment adventures between high school and college. She moved to Idaho to be with her sister in 1992. Within that time she has worked in several different fields including Early Childhood Education where she received her High Scope Curriculum Trainer Certification. She started working on the weekends at Ada Boarding in 2000 and in 2005 was fortunate to become Practice Manager of both facilities.

Candy is the “Mama Bear” of the clinic and is known to make some amazing treats for many occasions including birthdays, holidays or “just because.” She loves working with the animals and staff and is occasionally seen with a “recovering” animal on her desk or in her arms.

She enjoys learning something new each day from everyone working at the clinic. Candy has a “canine clan” consisting of: Cayos, a golden retriever, Chili, a Chihuahua that she rescued and her newest addition, a Border Collie/Aussie puppy named Kanion, as well as her feline addition: Kemo.

She has fostered several animals and enjoys it immensely although it is sometimes hard to see them go to new homes. (Chili is an example of a “foster fail”) Her hobbies and interests include family, friends, singing, concerts baking and gardening.

Favorite Quote: “I like life…it’s something to do.” –Ronnie Shakes