Erica Ulin

Veterinary Assistant

Although Erica was born in Houston, Texas, she was raised “all over” as she puts it. Her Dad was in the army so she “grew up” in many different cities and areas. She came to live in Boise in 2001 when her family was stationed here. She met her long-time boyfriend here and they have made Boise their home.
Erica became a member of the Ada Animal Staff in January of 2018 and is also currently attending CWI and BSU. She is currently taking classes in Biology in hopes of fulfilling her career goal of achieving her DVM or Doctorate in another related field. Erica has a pit-bull named Demon and a Mainecoon cat named Magik. In her free time she enjoys Fishing, camping and other outdoor activities as well as attending art and music festivals.
Favorite Quote: “Question everything…” –Euripides