Jeannine Sampo

Hospital Reception/Boarding Supervisor

Jeannine is a Boise native, who joined our boarding facility team in May, 2015. Due to her dedication to not only her job but to the clients and animals as well, she was asked to become Kennel Supervisor in May, 2016 and has implemented some quality changes at our boarding facility.

Her organizational skills as well as her friendly and outgoing demeanor have been an excellent addition to our kennel staff and you can definitely tell she enjoys her job by the wonderful care and attention she shows to all our “furry guests”
Her interests include volunteering, occupational therapy and painting.

She is currently enrolled at Boise State University in Pre-Med. Jeannine travels quite a bit and has recently been on a tour of England and previous to that, Ireland. One of her favorite activities is spending time with her pets which in include Tess, a German Haired Pointer and Tito, a Bull Mastiff.

Favorite Quote: A dog is the only thing on Earth that will love you more than you love yourself.” –Josh Billings