Jessica Shelton


Jessica was born in Simi Valley, CA but moved to Northern Idaho in 2004. She moved to Boise in November, 2012 and started at Ada Animal Hospital June, 2013. Jessica is pretty much one of the first faces you see at Ada Animal Hospital and exudes a warm, excited and welcoming attitude whenever clients and pets walk in our door.

She has been an integral part of making our hospital, lobby and boarding facility take on a “fresh” look due to her creativity and craft talents. She is always looking to learn something new and different and has often helped the technicians out when needed and has even stepped in to help interpret when we had a volunteer with a hearing impairment since she has studied American Sign Language.

She enjoys cooking, ASL, reading and fitness. She also spends a lot of time with Ragnar, her Border Collie/Lab as well as with her extended family of pets; Donna, a Rottweiler and Rambo, a three legged lab. One of Jessica’s favorite activities is going to a cabin in Placerville on some weekends with her fiance and the dogs to relax.

Favorite Quote: “Sometimes love is magic, but sometimes magic is only an illusion.” –Unknown