Mikayla Tovar

Boarding Caregiver/Hospital Assistant

Mikayla is native to Idaho and was born in Caldwell. She officially joined our crew in March of 2017. However, Mikayla first came to us as a volunteer in December of 2016. She did such a great job and fit in so well that when we had an opening in our kennel facility we took the opportunity to ask her to become a regular employee. She initially volunteered because she wanted to pursue a career in the veterinary field (as a veterinarian) and thus, the situation worked well for all. Since joining us as an employee, Mikayla has started helping out at the hospital as well and will eventually transfer permanently.
Mikayla shares her household with several large “babies” including “Zues” and “Nakita” who are German Rottweilers, “Abby”, and English Bulldog and then there’s the small one of the bunch, “Chloe”, who she describes as an adorable “mutt”. Her parents breed Rottweilers and when she is not busy helping in that endeavor, she also enjoys hiking and camping as well as playing guitar. She is also an amateur photographer and is responsible for many of the staff photographs on this website.
Favorite Quote: “No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.” –Louis Sabin